Danish serial entrepreneurs Mads Faurholt and Stefan Bruun have sold their stake in the comparison platform CompareAsiaGroup through their investment company Nova Founders Capital at a price that values the company at more than $200 million. The sale follows just three years after their sale of one of South East Asia’s fastest growing marketing companies, Lion & Lion, to Septeni, a Japanese listed company.

CompareAsiaGroup was founded in 2014 by Mads Faurholt, Stefan Bruun, and Gerald Eder and compares financial products within banking, insurance and telecommunications with 60 million users across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. The company has over 70 partners, representing more than 1,000 products, from companies such as Citibank, American Express, and HSBC.

Asian insurance group FWD acquired Nova Founders Capital’s stake for $50 million. FWD has a strong focus on creating customer experiences with easily understandable products supported by digital technology, which is in line with CompareAsiaGroup’s recently opened research and development center in Singapore. 

Simultaneously, Experian, one of the world’s largest credit agencies, invested USD 19 million. in CompareAsiaGroup and joined a long list of prominent investors such as Goldman Sachs, Alibaba, the World Bank (IFC), and now FWD. In addition to the capital, Experian also gives access to their technology including Experian One, a cloud-based credit and risk assessment platform. The partnership with Experian enables CompareAsiaGroup to launch completely new financial services in Hong Kong that can be easily adjusted to other markets.

”The sale allows us to pay back our investors 100%, plus a top tier yield while still holding the rest of the portfolio which includes companies such as Coru.com, CompareEuropeGroup, and Vendigo,” says Mads Faurholt, Managing Partner at Nova Founders Capital.


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