Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) has closed its latest flagship fund with $1.2 billion in capital commitments from Latin America investors.

The capital committed represents one of the largest fundraises for a buyout manager in Latin America to date.

The Latin America capital for CD&R fund was raised in all major markets and led by Andean Region with 74.1 per cent of the capital, followed by Brazil with 16.6 per cent and Mexico with 9.3 per cent respectively. By type of investors, institutional investors, like Pension Funds and Insurance Companies, represented 70 per cent and Private Investors, including Feeder vehicles, were the remaining 30 per cent. The closing involves more than 90 investors from the region, demonstrating the increasing potential of the region for private equity fund investments.

“We are very proud of this closing because it shows the growth potential of Latin America into the alternatives ecosystem. HMC Itajubá team is working hard to make great things happen in this type of investment in the region,” said Ricardo Morales, Co-founder at HMC Itajubá. “We are delighted to see how private investors move an important part of their portfolios to alternative investments and they represented a significant part of the commitments in this fundraise of CD&R,” says Agnaldo Andrade, Co-founder HMC Itajuba.

“We are grateful to our investors in Latin America for their strong support and were delighted to work with HMC Itajubá team on this important project,” said Thomas Franco, CD&R Partner. “The success of the fundraise is a critical milestone and validates the growing and broad appreciation among asset owners for private equity-related investments in the region.”

Source: Private Equity Wire

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