Vinci Partners Investments Ltd., the controlling company of a leading alternative investment platform in Brazil, announced today the final closing of “Vinci Impacto e Retorno IV”, or “VIR IV”, the impact family of funds managed by the Vinci Partners’ Private Equity segment. The fund was formally closed at the Hard Cap of R$1 billion.

This fundraise represents additional long-term capital with formal lock ups of at least 10 years, raised through local and offshore institutional clients, high net-worth individuals, and retail investors.

VIR IV has a unique strategy in Brazil, with a dual mandate to generate favorable market returns as well as impact, through the acquisition of minority holdings in small- and medium-sized Brazilian enterprises with business models that exhibit growth potential and clear measurable environmental, social and governance, or ESG, goals.

José Pano, partner and Head of the VIR strategy for Vinci Partners, said, “We are very pleased with our successful fundraising for VIR IV. This one-and-only strategy allows us to generate attractive market returns to our investors and at the same time see the impact generated in our society, with quantifiable ESG ratings for each of the fund’s investments. We have a great opportunity for this type of investment in Brazil and trust that with the team’s track record we can achieve results in line with investors’ expectations.”

Bruno Zaremba, partner and Head of Private Equity and Investor Relations for Vinci Partners, said, “The final close for VIR IV is extremely relevant to the company in two different levels. First, this fundraise represents R$1 billion in additional long-term, high-quality capital for our private market strategies, and a new avenue of growth inside the firm. Additionally, VIR IV marks an important milestone within Vinci Partners’ ESG approach over the years. We have been pioneers in the adoption of responsible investment and ESG integration in our investment decision process, being a PRI signatory since 2012, and remain one of the few alternative asset managers in Brazil with an active impact-oriented private market strategy, which really sets us apart from the competition.”

The VIR IV strategy has already concluded two investments, with a total allocation of 10% of total commitments, since its first closing: a 43% stake in Pró Infusion, a leading outsourcing company of pharmaceutical compounding services, and a 33.3% stake in Oeste Saúde, a small-sized healthcare plan operator. Both companies feature high-growth profiles and can generate impact by bringing high quality healthcare services to the low-income population in Brazil.

Source: PR Newswire

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