BlackRock Private Equity Partners has signed a distribution agreement with Chilean firm HMC Capital to make its private equity products available to a broader range of Latin American clients.

HMC has been charged with distributing the US firm’s private equity offering to different markets across Latin America.

Latin American investors will gain access to venture capital managers and growth equity direct investments, the firms said in an announcement.

The minimum investment amount is $250,000 and the products will only be available to qualified investors, according to local reports.

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‘Our objective is to capture alpha through carefully-selected, scaled positions with managers that are typically access- and capacity-constrained,’ said Nicholas Franco, HMC’s director of venture and growth.

Johnathan Segg, BlackRock Private Equity Partners’ global head of client solutions and strategy, said: ‘This partnership combines BlackRock’s extensive investment capabilities and sourcing network with HMC’s experience in launching innovative alternative investment strategies to serve its global investment base.’

BlackRock Private Equity Partners forms part of the group’s alternatives investment unit. In total, the firm’s private equity teams manage $23bn in client assets across direct, primary, secondary and co-investments, according to its website.

Source: City Wire

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