CVC Capital Partners, the private equity backer with a broad sports portfolio, is in exclusive negotiations to acquire Jagex from current owner Carlyle Group, reports Sky News.

Sources suggest a formal agreement to purchase a controlling stake in Jagex could be finalised within days.

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However, a number of private equity firms reportedly expressed uncertainty about the company’s development pipeline and future business plan.

While the developer is best known for the RuneScape MMO series, its other projects have been less successful.

CVC is said to be exploring new ways of investing in intellectual property with international appeal.

At present, it’s known for its sports portfolio including Six Nations Rugby, La Liga, and the Women’s Tennis Association among many others.

Carlyle bought a majority stake in Jagex in 2021, following its purchase from US holding firm Macarthur Fortune a year prior.

While Jagex continues to support RuneScape, last year it faced criticism from the game’s community for its controversial Hero Pass with pay-to-win microtransactions.

Source: Eurogamer

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