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BoardClic is a high-growth SaaS company, digitalizing the boardroom and C-suite through data-driven evaluations. Our market-leading platform empowers board members for self-evaluation to help them ensure alignment and improved performance. Smart, user-centric evaluations based on decades of experience and behavioral science, bring transparency and simplicity into the space of sound corporate governance.

The platform provides unrivalled benchmarking and qualitative insights on performance and effectiveness to align top leadership functions. Over the years, it has proven particularly useful among Private Equity firms as it enables them to:

  • Understand alignment within the board and between the board and C-suite.
  • Highlight performance, competencies, and leadership in your companies.
  • Get started right away with our best practice formats – customise as required.
  • Access BoardClic’s global benchmarks or set your own to understand what “good” looks like.
  • Tap into aggregated reporting year-on-year and compare between companies.

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