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7 Questions on Superior Returns: Tech Investments in the CEE Region with Maciej Kowalski

Meet Maciej Kowalski, Senior Partner at MCI How does a tech focused PE have a competitive edge in 2022 and what sectors and trends are they pointing their eyes towards in 2022? We’ve had a chat with Maciej Kowalski, Senior Partner at MCI, on the current market in the…

How to Scale Internationally, Fast with Sam Perry

Meet Sam Perry, Director of Strategic Alliances – Private Equity How has value creation changed in the age of remote work? What does fast-paced, international growth look like for portfolio companies? Sam Perry, Director of Strategic Alliances – Private Equity at…

7 Questions on the New UK Foreign Investment Regime with Nicole Kar and Neil Hoolihan

Meet Nicole Kar and Neil Hoolihan We’ve had a chat with Nicole Kar and Neil Hoolihan, partner and counsel at Linklaters about the upcoming National Security and Investment Act, which will take effect next year, to understand the implications for PE firms and what you…

7 Questions on The Future of ESG Investing with Will Chignell and Joshua Brunert

Meet Joshua Brunert and Will Chignell We’re had a chat with Will Chignell, Chief Commercial Officer at Apex Group, and Joshua Brunert, ESG Senior Associate at Apex Group on the key role private Equity firms have to play in tackling climate change. But just how well…

7 Questions on The Future of Data Driven M&A Markets with Anders Lundgren

Meet Anders Lundgren, CEO and Founder We’ve had a chat with Anders Lundgren, CEO and Founder at Valu8 Company Intelligence, on the future of M&A. Apart from pursuing entrepreneurial investments as a passion for many years, he has extensive previous M&A…

7 Questions on the Future of Private Debt with Agnes Mazurek

Meet Agnes Mazurek, Senior Consultant for Private Debt and Private Credit We’ve had a chat with Agnes Mazurek, Senior Consultant for Private Debt and Private Credit at Apex Group, on the private debt market’s expected expansion and continuous strong growth trajectory….

Post-Merger Integrations Spotlight: Best Practice from the Frontline of M&A

Meet Chris, Michael, and Scott Private Equity Insights is delighted to present this exclusive interview with Chris Charlton, Michael Holm and Scott Whitaker, Managing Partners at Global PMI Partners. We interviewed them around some of their M&A deal theses,…

7 Questions on Investor Relations at Scale with Todd Glasson

Meet Todd E. Glasson We’re having a chat with Todd Glasson, CEO & founder of InvestorFlow. We interviewed him on fundraising post-pandemic, digitalisation, and how GP’s can effectively scale investor relations and increase transparency. Todd Glasson is the CEO and…

7 Questions on Growth-stage Investments in Space with Bogdan Gogulan

Meet Bogdan Gogulan, CEO & Managing Partner We’re having a chat with Bogdan Gogulan, CEO & Managing Partner at NewSpace Capital, private equity’s first firm dedicated to growth investing in the rapidly expanding space economy. We interviewed him on the market…

7 Questions on the Board’s role in ESG with Byron Loflin

Meet Byron Loflin, Global Head of Board Engagement Byron Loflin is the Global Head of Board Engagement at Nasdaq Governance Solutions, where he leads the Board Engagement team in providing a strategic, collaborative, and technology-based approach to support boards’…

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