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Experts in Organizational Effectiveness for Private Equity

Humatica is a specialist advisor helping private equity funds and portfolio company leaders build organizations to deliver alpha. Working with hundreds of portfolio companies for over fifteen years, Humatica has codified the management practices and operating models that drive value creation. Humatica’s unique suite of tool-supported services, benchmarks and advanced org analytics enables accelerated implementation of the value growth plan with minimal risk.

Pragmatic solutions that add value

Humatica is a functional specialist focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations by addressing all levers including leadership, structures, management processes, culture and people. They help sponsors and portfolio company leaders master the challenge of delivering ambitious value creation plans by working collaboratively with all stakeholders to align the organization and activate it for success.

Fact-based transparency and deep leadership experience

Humatica’s fact-based transparency, coupled with deep leadership experience, enables rapid consensus on pragmatic improvements to activate organizations and deliver alpha. Being entrepreneurs themselves and given their private equity clientele, they are pragmatic realists, not afraid to speak truth about organizational changes needed to grow value.

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Tool-supported services to accelerate value growth with minimal risk




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