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Nasdaq Governance Solutions

Create a path to a better tomorrow for your board with corporate governance solutions from Nasdaq. We offer technology and services to help organize, streamline, and manage boardroom processes and requirements.

Nasdaq Governance Solutions helps public, private, and non-profit organizations reimagine how to manage corporate governance practices. Our board portal technologies, Nasdaq Boardvantage® and Directors Desk, are designed with an intuitive interface and robust security features to streamline meeting processes, accelerate decision-making and meet the critical needs of boards, committees, and leadership teams.

In addition, today’s leaders have access to the Nasdaq Center for Corporate Governance. Our experts created this global information and research hub to accelerate the understanding of corporate governance and  sustainable business practices through data-rich insights and practical guidance.

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Nasdaq are relentlessly reimagining the world of tomorrow — one that is built on innovative technology, fueled by market-moving insights and driven by forward thinking. 

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Adena T. Friedman, President and Chief Executive Officer Nasdaq
Adena T. Friedman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Nasdaq Governance Solutions

Nasdaq Boardvantage
Is Nasdaq’s award-winning board portal with an intuitive user interface and robust security features

Board Evaluations & Assessments
Help your board find opportunities to improve effectiveness

Directors ‘ & Officers’ Questionnaires
Offer a digital alternative to costly and slow paper-based processes

CEO and Management Evaluations
Designed to promote management – board alignment for a successful leadership culture

Compliance Questionnaires
To simplify compliance processes

Nasdaq OneReport
Is Nasdaq’s solution to simplifying the entire CR data management and disclosure process, with tools to plan, collaborate, oversee, respond, disclose and report.

Nasdaq Center for Board Excellence
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Nasdaq Governance Solutions

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