Samlino Group, a group investing in European comparison platforms for insurance, home services, and banking products, has acquired Tariefchecker, a fast-growing platform for comparing energy prices in Belgium.

Tariefchecker helps Belgian consumers save time and money by comparing prices and products from energy companies in Belgium and thus strengthens Samlino Group’s position in Belgium. Samlino Group already owns, which is the leading platform for comparing financial products.

“Last year, more than 10 million users used our platforms and this year we see further growth. Although we have a strong momentum in our current companies, we are constantly looking for additional opportunities in both existing and new markets, either through acquisitions or by starting from scratch. We have followed the developments in the energy market in Belgium with great interest and have carefully considered how we best approached it. It is a large, fast-growing market, and through Tariefchecker we have found the perfect approach” says Samlino Group’s Founder and CEO Stefan Bruun.

“With our experience in operating, the largest comparison platform for financial services in Belgium, we see Tariefchecker as the ideal foundation to establish a leading position in the energy market,” explains Stefan Bruun.

In Belgium, more than a million households changed their energy provider last year. In addition to a simple and intuitive price comparison, Tariefchecker also provides an overview of the providers’ environmental sustainability profile, which is in great demand among Belgian consumers.

Tariefchecker CEO and Founder Dimitri O states: “Samlino Group is the perfect partner for Tariefchecker and shares our focus on value-added services and improving the transparency of the financial industry. At Tariefchecker, we are delighted to be part of a well-known European internet group, and I am convinced that together we can continue our strong growth journey. “

About Samlino Group

Samlino Group (formerly CompareEuropeGroup) helps its users save time and money through insurance, banking, telecommunications, and utilities comparison platforms. Samlino Group is active in Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Belgium and Greece. In 2020, Samlino Group had over 10 million users and has over 150 employees across the five active markets.

About Tariefchecker

Tariefchecker is Belgium’s leading comparison platform for energy products. The company has two platforms in respectively French and Dutch that last year helped over 100,000 users save money on their energy products.

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