Aliter Capital (Aliter), a private equity investment specialist focused on the UK support services sector, has completed fundraising for its second fund, Aliter Capital II, with £134m committed by investors.

Aliter’s investment strategy is to create medium sized operators in the UK support services sector through the acquisition and integration of smaller businesses and organic growth. Aliter’s approach differs from traditional private equity models, by making only a limited number of selective portfolio investments to deliver dedicated support around strategy, organisational development, operational capability and overall business quality.

The Aliter Capital II Fund is backed by a consortium of US and European institutions, including pension funds, funds of funds, university endowments and charitable foundations. Aliter’s founding partners have also made a significant financial commitment to the fund.

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The launch of the Aliter Capital II fund follows the successful investment of Aliter’s maiden £92m fund, Aliter Capital I, which has closed 21 transactions since its launch in February 2017. Aliter has already invested in two platform businesses for Fund II, Halcyon and Concept Resources.

Source: Private Equity Wire

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