At Private Equity Insights we have gathered this week’s biggest news in the private equity and venture capital markets.

1. BlackRock Launches Pension Scheme Private Debt Fund at First Close of $940m

BlackRock launches Private Debt Fund for Pension Schemes at $940m, designed for UK pension schemes to global private debt market exposures via a single strategy.

The BlackRock Diversified Private Debt Fund is set to provide investors with a yield premium relative to liquid credit markets

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2. Ares Management’s Assets Soar Past $200bn

 Ares Management joined the $200bn club after the strongest fundraising year in its history, led by the largest European direct-lending fund ever raised.

The LA-based firm’s assets under management stood at $207.2bn at the end of the first quarter, an increase of 39% from the same period a year ago.

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3. Private equity is targeting sports. Now fans and players are pushing back.

The news that Silver Lake is looking to buy 12.5% of the revenue generated by the New Zealand rugby team, has sparked a fierce debate in the country.

PE firms, which buy and restructure businesses in hopes of turning a profit, stand at the vanguard of sports investing. But in some cases, they’re investing over the objections of fans.

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