Waya is automating the Northern European invoice lifecycle-& debt collection industry by buying companies in that sector. 

Join them on their journey!

Waya Finance & Technology is a B2B FinTech Saas business, based in Stockholm Sweden, and they have developed a new and highly exciting invoice lifecycle automation platform. Waya is now looking to buy companies to automate.

As well as helping financial institutions with their invoicing financing, their main customers are Banks, Enterprises & CMS companies with larger invoice volumes. 

In addition to their natural organic growth, Waya’s main focus for rapid scaling of the business is to Buy & Build.

Waya’s goal and process is to increase the size and enterprise value for the business and their clients by using a model of multiple arbitrage.

The idea behind the platform is to move the invoice flow from a legacy and often restricted approach, to a process of full invoice automation.

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Compared to their competitors, this has ensured that they regularly increase revenues by in excess of 400%, with costs decreasing by up to 80%.

Waya’s system have ensured that their clients DSO has reduced by a minimum 30% and produced an NPS for debtors & creditors of 90%.

All of this has led to an average margin jump of 83%.

As a result of all this their clients have 

  • Reduced costs
  • Lowered their DSO 
  • Avoided platform investment 
  • One supplier for the whole invoice lifecycle 
  • Increased NPS 
  • Reduced churn 
  • Improved insight through our data 

If you are interested in discussing your company, please send them an email to ir@waya.se, or give them a call on +46 708883625

All the very best,

Niclas Josefsson

Co-founder, IR and M&A


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